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Lance Cerny grew up steeped in architecture and art. He was influenced by his father, renowned Chicago architect Jerome Robert Cerny, for whom he worked as a drafter for many years.

Being around his father provided a wonderful education in building design. This influence inspired Lance to persue building design with his own life. He studied architecture at the University of Virginia and the University of London. Beginning as a carpenter, he soon found himself recommending changes to home designs based on his own knowledge of architecture. It wasn't long before he began his own design and construction company. Most architects and building designers do not possess building experience, but Lance, as a builder, can design projects with the carpenters in mind, so they are fun to build and surprisingly affordable.

He is also unique in that he feels listening is the most important component of design. "I ask questions and listen to the client—which is unusual in my business." he says. Looking is also important, specifically at the historical aspects of the original structures and the neighborhood.

Lance feels that a sense of proportion and heart are key elements when it comes to remodeling or building. "Nowadays, some houses have no sense of proportion. People are often dwarfed in huge rooms that have no relationship to their occupnts." he says.

He enjoys using salvaged materials and other unique materials. He recalls salvaging doors from a rail station for one home and for another project he remembers felling a dead tree, milling wood from the tree on site and using it inside the house.

Ultimately, those inside the home must love their environment. "I want them to fit into their space, to fill out their own dimensions. I use the word 'respect' a lot. It's a sense of harmony."


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