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straw bale interior

a spacious kitchen and dining area are perfect for family gathering

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Wiggins Residence

Can you imagine building a house out of hay? These clients wanted a generous family home where they could raise their children. They also wanted an ethical house with solid ecological roots. Lance designed their home to strongly reflect these values and needs. The walls are made of straw bale and the roof of lightweight manufactured trusses. An existing vernal pool posed a particular challenge. Conventionally it would have been drained to a low point or storm drain by a trench. Instead Lance suggested a twenty foot wide creekbed so that any overflow can mender gently along, sinking into the ground and recharging the water table.

straw bale home

Straw Bale Home

art studio

Adams Art Studio

This client needed an art studio with a small sparate space for her kiln. The original structure was previously a flat roofed garage in serious disrepair. It was taken down to the ground and remade with attention to detail that favors the main house, from the steep pitched roof to the old-style trim and windows. The kiln room has its own entrance under a small trellis.



hilltop residence

Petaluma Hilltop Residence

Incorporating the variety of client needs is sometimes a challenge. The husband in this couple wanted a Pennsylvania Dutch style home with a stone foundation. His wife wanted an attached greenhouse. Then they realized they also wanted a lighthouse tower as part of the overall design. Lance designed a stucture that incorporated all of these desires beautifully, including a "lighthouse" tower that takes advantage of the surrounding views.

sketches in progress
Sketches in progress

Oak Hill Garage and Art Studio

This new double depth four car garage with a second floor art studio was designed to match the vintage arts and crafts shingle style of the main house. The studio has a ground floor entrance and lots of light pouring in. Lance created an overall structure with the charm of the arts and crafts style that gives the art studio above a sense of belonging.

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