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Remodeling your existing home creates more useful and pleasing spaces for you and your family and can also enhance the value of your home.

The combination of Lance's design background, building experience and historic sense means close attention will be paid to your original structure, the neighborhood, and your lifestyle so that the finshed remodel will blend in with the existing architecture and surroundings and meet your needs beautifully.

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When you need more space, the logical conclusion is an addition. But creating an addition that meets your needs, obtains city approval and looks good is sometimes a challenge. Lance has years of experience designing and building home additions, working with the city and county planning departments and has worked extensively with historic buildings. Often, he needs to show before photos to his clients, since a new addition sometimes looks as if it has always been there!

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new structures

New Structures

Sometimes a new structure is in order. Maybe you have a piece of land where you are building your dream house or you are adding a new garage or art studio. Lance can make sure your new building meets all of your needs in the most aesthetic and efficient way. He can make sure your new structure blends with any existing architecture and surrounding environmental features so that it will feel integrated into the landscape right away.

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