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remodel and addition
The exisiting house was first extensively remodeled,
then, in increments, the garage was added, and finally, the art studio.


Initially, Lance meets with you in your home to find out your style and preferences and to obtain a sense of the neighborhood and surrounding area.

He will talk with you to discover who you are and what appeals to you. He will also look at the building (or in the case of a new structure, the site) to assess the historical context of your structure. Together you will discuss in what sequence the work will be done. He will look for inspiration; what the house could use more of or is just missing right now and above all, he will listen to what your needs are. Sometimes the solutions are simple.

After the design is created, plans are drawn up. At this point, you can continue on with Lance or have your favorite contractor take over.

If you are ready to remodel, expand your home or create a new structure, call to schedule an initial consultation.


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